The trial consultation is your time to see the bridal look (hairstyle and makeup) come together! We want to custom design the look you’ve dreamed of and work within your “comfort zone”.  We know that when you feel beautiful AND are comfortable with the wedding day look, you will definitely be a happy bride!



What to expect:

  • Prepare to spend at least an hour for your makeup consultation (2 hours for makeup & hair consultation).
  • Come without makeup on, if possible (unclean hair for hair trials).
  • Minimum of $75 for makeup only trial & minimum $165 for makeup & hair trial.  This is payable by check or credit card & is due at the trial.  This is also applied towards the deposit when contract for wedding day/ special event services is signed. 
***Hair styling services for trial start at $90 for shoulder length hair and increases $30 for every additional 3 inches.  Stylist may also add surcharge for unusually thick or intricate styling requests.***

what to bring or provide before your consultation:

  • Pictures of you and others getting consultations.
  • Photos of your gown, bridesmaids’ dresses, flower colors.
  • Pictures of makeup/hairstyle looks that you like.
  • Digital camera/phone to record the hairstyle that you decide on (We love to have a visual photo record to refer to on the wedding day!).
  • Any veil/headpiece.
  • Wear a shirt or blouse that is the color or is similar to the color of your wedding dress, if possible.
  • Check or Credit Card for payment of trial(s) & deposit.